New to Self-Defense? Start Here!

We’ve put together a simplified roadmap of everything we think someone new to self-defense needs to know in order to complete a personal safety crash course and make informed decisions about next steps, all while feeling confident and in control of the journey. Ready? Let’s start!

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Self-Defense Training at Work: Empowered Employees

With a workforce on the move and a proliferation of high-profile workplace sexual assault and harassment reports, the pressure is on HR professionals to offer benefits that get noticed and help create a safer environment for everyone. Our signature P.O.W.E.R. self-defense program is a solution that helps both employees and employers.

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The Truth About Freezing

We would never question or judge a person for immediately fighting back or fleeing, so why do it when they exhibit the equally instinctive, biologically preprogrammed response of freezing? What's the deal with the dreaded freeze response?

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