Self-Defense Training at Work: Empowered Employees

Self-defense training at work empowers employees on the job and beyond.

HR professionals and recruiters have never had a tougher time attracting and retaining top talent.

Workers are more savvy than ever and typically change jobs every five years, always weighing perks and salary along the way.

A proliferation of high-profile sexual assault and harassment reports means companies face a heightened challenge in establishing a positive culture.

And recruiting top female talent, in particular, has become increasingly critical in a world where women comprise half of all workers but occupy less than 20% of top positions in many industries. (source: Knowing Your Value, Mika Brzezinski)

Employees want to know their employers care about their personal and professional well-being by providing a safe, inclusive work environment.

That’s where self-defense training in the workplace has a huge part to play.

Our signature P.O.W.E.R. program is a solution that is more than onsite self-defense training (though it IS that, too!). The focus isn’t just on physical self-defense skills, but also on cultivating key personal skills, like better boundary setting, de-escalation, communication and self-efficacy.

It’s an innovative, interactive experience that is a total win-win proposition--for employers and employees.

Employer/Organization/Business Benefits

  • Attract and Retain Talent: Stand out among the competition by sending a clear message that you care about your people.

  • Develop Your Workforce: Provide an experience that increases personal safety and professional skills, like better negotiating and problem-solving.

  • Empower Employees: Give employees lasting tools to develop initiative, increase productivity and enhance self-advocacy in the work setting.

  • Innovate and Lead: Position your organization as a forward-thinking leader.

Employee/Member/Staff Benefits

  • Increase Productivity: By feeling more powerful, employees are more effective and present on the job.

  • Boost Achievement: Through the opportunity to feel successful--and to celebrate that success--participants develop increased self-confidence and belief in their abilities to achieve.

  • Enhance Safety: From trusting their instincts to striking powerfully with their bodies, members learn to exist more safely at work and in their everyday lives.

  • Learn to Set Limits: Learning how to find your voice and use it effectively is a critical tool, not only in the office but in everyday situations involving interpersonal dynamics.

We’d love to work with YOU at work! If this sounds like the right training for your organization, please contact us for more information. Not an HR professional but wish the P.O.W.E.R. program was offered at your company? We’d love an introduction to the right person to make that happen!