Empowered: Not the Final Destination

Moving from empowered to powerful through self-defense training

Self-defense instructors usually want to empower their students. But to be empowered means that someone derives their power from an external source and is reliant upon someone else to provide that power or simply give them the permission to be powerful. Because of this, we believe the state of empowerment marks the beginning of the journey, but it’s not the ultimate goal.

When we see you walk in the room to train with us, we immediately recognize the power already in you -- even if you don’t. When you leave, we want you to walk out of our classroom with trust in your own, independent, individually sourced power. We want you to go from empowered to powerful, secure and confident in that power, which has been there since day one.

We aren’t there to make you something you weren’t already. We aren’t giving you something you didn’t already have. We are not the source of your power -- nor is anything outside of yourself.

You came into this world a powerful, worthy, valuable being and that hasn’t changed since the day you were born. No matter what you’ve been through, what has been done to you, or what someone has told you.

You were born with the power to grow, learn and thrive. You now also have the power to decide. The power to change. The power to heal. The power to prevail. That power is, and has always been, within you. An endless supply, available to you at any given moment.

We know that you are strong, capable and so very worthy already, just as you are. All we do is provide an experience and a platform for you to explore that, perhaps in a new way. In our approach to self-defense training, we provide suggestions and tools to stay safer and to enhance the rest of your life. But ultimately it is up to you to decide if, when and how to ever use them.

We trust that you can make your own decisions, that you know on a deep, fundamental level what is best for you. It’s not up to us to decide because we aren’t you, living your life.

It’s not our way or the highway. We teach methods, techniques and strategies that we believe are solid and proven in a way that is approachable, accessible and supportive. We encourage you to take what works for you and leave the rest.

We are here for you, with you, as you journey from empowered to powerful. Are you ready to take the first step?