Me Too. Time’s Up. What Now?

Taking action to reclaim personal power after experiences of assault and harassment

Survivors have come forward in droves. Perpetrators are being held accountable. The world has been put on notice that the harassment, assault and inequity so many have suffered silently for so long won’t be tolerated any more. Where do we go from here?

From Awareness to Action

As we told two full groups of women at an onsite corporate training event at NETFLIX recently, the key to reclaiming personal power is taking action. And we feel that is exactly what is called for now, on a global scale.

We need to continue to hear the stories, believe the survivors and support them. We need to continue to hold abusers responsible for their actions. But we also need to work to change the culture, for not only our own healing and growth, but also for the generations who will come after us. And change requires action.

Rewrite the Script

We shift the story from victim to survivor to thriver when we acknowledge our own power and celebrate our success. Just as seemingly small injuries or assaults to our personal power add up to have big effect, so do small reclamations of that power.

At NETFLIX, we led participants through our signature corporate training event -- a comprehensive approach to self-defense. This group of Hollywood women, in the epicenter of the Time’s Up movement, practiced setting limits with each other -- in both low- and higher-risk scenarios. They learned to identify reactions in their bodies, so they could choose a response. They learned how to communicate effectively. And they most certainly learned how to generate power to strike, kick, defend and escape.

These women, most of whom had never done anything like this before, were challenged, supported and celebrated. They left with a new sense of accomplishment and a new set of self defense tools for navigating a range of situations at work, in relationships and beyond.

The Time Is Now

Sharing our stories and being witness to others are both powerful experiences that help to dissolve the shame, guilt and regret that so many of us are carrying. But now that the conversation has started, we need to take it a step further into action that helps us reclaim power, rewrite our stories and move forward confidently.

We get it, and we can help. Let’s talk.