Customized Safety Solution for Property Management Company

Property management and real estate professionals face unique safety and self-defense concerns.

When a premier property management company with hundreds of employees based in 16 different states needed customized safety training and policy consulting, they went looking for a high-quality, effective and professional solution for real-estate professionals.

They found us.


After a few staff members experienced some threatening and dangerous situations, this forward-thinking company quickly realized they needed to provide training for their staff that encompassed everything from verbal de-escalation skills to physical self-defense. They also needed help preparing company-wide safety policies and procedures that could be implemented regionally.


An intensive discovery process led to a customized solution that would best serve their goals and their clear priority on safety. 

We designed a day-long workshop that included an interactive presentation, physical self-defense training and a leadership session to address issues specific to that role.

Finally, we worked with our colleague Eric Rosoff, founder of Campus Safety Group, and key stakeholders to develop a set of guidelines and policies to further enhance the safety and well-being of the company as a whole.


We convened at their headquarters in Boston to work with 42 supervisors and managers — HR professionals, property managers, leasing specialists and maintenance supervisors — who came from nine different states for the event.

The group left that day with a set of tools that will serve them professionally and personally, including:

  • Safety strategies and knowledge

  • Boundary-setting skills

  • Verbal de-escalation methods

  • Physical self-defense skills

  • Ideas for planning, communicating and reporting


Participants left with more confidence and practical, actionable tools to respond effectively to a range of situations. The company received recommended policies and procedures to implement and to continue the conversation around safety regionally.

We are so glad they found us.

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