Safety Training Gets Creative at McGarrah Jessee

For more than 20 years, Austin brand development agency McGarrah Jessee has been a heavy hitter in the creative industry, racking up accolades, awards and an impressive roster of clients. They’ve also assembled an exceptional team of professionals.

McGarrah Jessee has been formally recognized as a great place to work, and their commitment to their people is clear.

We were honored when they recently brought us in to teach their staff about personal safety, effective boundary setting and, well, actual hitting.


With more than 150 employees located in the heart of a booming downtown, McGarrah Jessee leadership saw the value in offering a self-defense training event.

“We work downtown in a big city, and our employees really just wanted to be equipped with the tools to feel a little safer. Much of our staff is interested in fitness, so learning a new exercise was also exciting,” said Janet Gabrysch, human resources coordinator.


Focusing on skills and strategies that the staff could use on a daily basis was key, as was providing a fun and active experience for the group.

One evening, we cleared the tables and chairs out of the lobby and got to work talking about everyday safety, practicing boundary setting in low- and higher-risk situations, and learning how to move effectively, strike powerfully and escape.


The group left that evening with a new set of tools, including:

(Plus, they got a great workout!)


“Over the last few years I have had several employees request a self-defense class since our office is located downtown. We finally were able to schedule a class with Jennie Trower, and we are so glad we did! Jennie brought a friendly and fun demeanor to teach a subject that can be difficult for some. Employees left feeling empowered and strong, and overall had a great time. We can’t wait to have her back for another class.” -- Janet Gabrysch

We commend McGarrah Jessee for seeking out this innovative training and making a real investment in the well-being of their staff.

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