How Long Does It Take to Learn Self-Defense?

How fast can I learn self-defense?

How many days of training do I need to learn self-defense?

What's the quickest way I can learn how to defend myself?

Can I learn self-defense in one class, workshop, or seminar? 

The vast majority of the training events we currently teach fall into one of these categories: a three-hour workshop, a one-day event, or a two-day experience. This isn't by accident, nor is it due to a lack of people who want extended or ongoing training with us. We've specifically chosen to focus our services on what we call "one-opportunity training" events. 


1. We believe that it's important to make our signature teaching style and innovative curriculum accessible to the clients who book us from around the globe. The corporations, organizations, and institutions who seek us out to work with their communities are looking for compact, efficient and powerful training experiences that will embolden their teams.

2. We know that there is a huge population of people who value self-defense and would like to learn a handful of effective personal safety tools without dedicating months, years, and beaucoup bucks to "master" self-defense who are grossly underserved in the self-defense and martial arts world. And we find that unacceptable. 

3. "One-opportunity" self-defense events work. Note: they work when both professional instructors and participants are very clear about the objectives of this type of training. 

You CAN learn self-defense in a few hours. You CAN learn how to protect yourself in just one class, workshop or seminar. You CAN gain a tremendous amount by attending a single self-defense event. And we know this because of the feedback we consistently receive from attendees of our events. 

During our event introductions, we always spend a few minutes defining the purpose of our of training model and clarifying what we consider to be realistic expectations and goals.

  • Will you become a master of self-defense? Definitely not.
  • Will you leave knowing how to defend yourself against dozens of potential assault situations? No.
  • Will you become a total badass and be able to exist in the world fearlessly after our training? No.
    (In fact, we don't believe that any amount of training will help you achieve that, nor do we think that's even a healthy goal.)

What will you learn in one of our self-defense and personal safety events?

  • A few simple and practical strategies to exist in the world more safely, should you choose to apply them;
  • A straightforward way to hone your intuition that you can literally practice anywhere;
  • The most important and effective aspects of boundary setting and self-advocacy that will serve you not just in potentially dangerous situations, but also in your everyday interactions and relationships;
  • How to generate power with your body and strike with purpose, should you need to physically fight to escape to safety;
  • And a handful of carefully selected self-defense techniques designed to work regardless of fitness level or size that are quick to learn, easy to retain and simple to execute. 

What will you gain from attending one of our training workshops?

At the least, time in which you feel heard, valued, strong, powerful and in control of your body and your choices. 

At most, a transformative experience that will propel you forward in your journey to reclaim, rediscover, unearth and cultivate personal power in many different areas of your life.

We think that's well worth a few hours of your time, don't you? 


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