I Am Power Retreat 2016: Celebrating Our Success

We held our 2016 I AM POWER retreat in Kansas City, shoulder to shoulder with our co-host Erin Brown and featured guest Marcela Widrig, standing in front of more than 20 women from all over the country (and Canada!). We had four women who were alumni from the previous year; we had a teenage girl and her mother; we had grandmothers; we had entrepreneurs, coaches, executives, and fighters. It was a full, glorious range of women from all walks of life, backgrounds and fitness levels.

Some knew exactly why they were there. Others questioned if they were in the right place. Still others thought they were there for one thing, but ultimately got something completely unexpected from the experience.

The right women came. The perfect group was assembled. It worked beautifully.


While they may have started off as strangers, by the end of the event, the women left as sisters. Bonds were forged – over storytelling, punching, kicking, yelling, crying, moving and simply breathing. They found that remaining present, maintaining eye contact and speaking truth to another human being can go a long way toward healing and connection.

They did all of that. They entered with open hearts and minds. They fully engaged. They supported each other. They worked through their stuff. They persevered. They laughed. They had fun. They transformed.


As the hosts of this event, we don’t really know what to expect going in, frankly. We spend months preparing, organizing and planning what we hope is a valuable experience, but we’re not entirely sure how it will be received.

After this year, there is no question. From the direct feedback after the event to the dozens of posts and private messages we’ve received, it’s very clear: It worked. It’s necessary. It’s valuable.

Women are sharing that they left feeling totally different than when they arrived. They felt inspired. They felt relieved. They felt released. They felt hopeful. They felt validated. They felt supported and connected.


To be clear: I AM POWER is not specifically for trauma survivors, but as women, so many of us have experienced trauma. It’s not only about dealing with painful parts of your past, though we certainly do that.

I AM POWER is for any woman who wants to write herself in as the hero of her own story. It’s for any woman who wants to reconnect to her strength, to connect with like-minded women, to feel powerful in body and mind.

We are so grateful to all the women who showed up. We are so grateful to our communities for their support. We are so grateful to our fabulous sponsor, Society Nine, for everything they did for us and also to Onnit for supplying goodie bag treats.

You have spoken, ladies. We hear you. You inspire us, you motivate us, and you amaze us. As long as you keep showing up, so will we. We can’t wait to see you at our next retreat and celebrate your success!

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Jarrett ArthurComment