Women's Self-Defense Instructor Certification

Empower Women to Train (E.W.T.)

Designed exclusively for self-defense and martial arts school owners, managers and instructors, EWT is changing the face of self-defense and safety training for women worldwide. Our mission is to empower professionals in the self-defense and safety space to access their foundational purpose of equipping ALL students with the tools necessary for survival, and in so doing, position themselves as true leaders in their local communities of women. Our program offers committed instructors, school owners and managers the opportunity to learn what it takes to create an inclusive, accessible training environment that attracts, empowers and retains female students on a scale yet to be achieved in self-defense and martial arts schools.

Program Features:

  • Weekend-long certification
  • Special 3-hour workshop for local community, guest taught by Jarrett and Jennie
  • Marketing flash drive filled with unique graphics, copy, design templates, campaigns in website, social media, print and email communications *For host school only.*

School Owner Benefits: 

  • Increased revenue through new recruitment and greater retention of female students
  • Improved buzz and referrals by tapping into women’s networks
  • Community leader positioning and new connections with local organizations
  • New local press opportunities
  • Reduced liability by creating a safer and more positive environment for female students
  • Greater online effectiveness by learning Jarrett and Jennie’s marketing strategies
  • Female instructor role models and ongoing support for staff
  • Marketing flash drive filled with unique graphics, copy, design templates, campaigns in website, social media, print and email communications 

Instructor Benefits:

  • Increased confidence working with women in one-on-one and group settings
  • Improved effectiveness of teaching strategies and methodologies
  • More competent and effective communication strategies required to reach and teach women
  • Opportunity to reconnect with the rewarding purpose for teaching self-defense: empowering survivors and potential survivors
  • Boundary-setting techniques to safely and professionally navigate relationships with students
  • Trauma-informed curriculum covers language, cuing, and methods to most effectively help students who are triggered in class
  • Access to, and continued support from, established female instructors

Please reach out for more information, including a complete sales packet with more details about this program.

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