Safety and Self-Defense Services for Employees and Students

Tailored Safety Training for the Workplace and Beyond

Ideal for organizations of all kinds, our P.O.W.E.R. Program goes beyond self-defense and safety training, focusing on self-advocacy, boundary setting, and self-worth. The customizable curriculum includes safety knowledge and hands-on self-defense training, designed for a multitude of platforms, delivered in Jarrett & Jennie's relatable, practical, and empowering training style.

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Employee, Staff, Team and Student Benefits:

  • Increased personal power and confidence both at work/school and beyond

  • More effective communication and boundary setting skills

  • New self-advocacy tools that helps participants feel seen and heard

  • Problem-solving strategies that benefit both the individual and their team

  • Enhanced personal safety and self-esteem

Employer, HR, Community and Training Leader Benefits:

  • Fully customizable, on-site training for diverse teams

  • Innovative training that addresses sensitive real-world workplace safety concerns

  • Unique employee/student retention and recruitment benefits

  • Out-of-the-box team building and wellness offering

  • Greater workplace/school satisfaction and safety