The Essential Guide to Women's Self-Defense - Ebook

The Essential Guide to Women's Self-Defense - Ebook

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Experts Jarrett Arthur and Jennie Trower have taken the self-defense information and skills they teach in their live trainings and created this comprehensive e-book for women. In its 60+ pages, you’ll find tips and strategies to stay safe every day, and practical and effective skills and techniques to use if you need to fight back. More than 35 self-defense techniques and more than 100 full-color photographs with step-by-step instructions, all presented in their signature supportive and encouraging communication style, make this e-book an excellent starting point for your self-defense journey or a fantastic reference to enhance your training. 

This digital e-book (also available in print) was written for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, professions and fitness levels who would like to learn the most essential personal safety and self-defense strategies and techniques women need to know. Download link provided immediately upon purchase!


  • Strategies to stay safer every day

  • Key lessons on effective boundary setting

  • Explanation of major targets and striking surfaces 

  • Step-by-step guide on how to strike effectively and powerfully

  • Practical self-defense techniques to defend several common attacks

  • Techniques for fighting from the ground and standing 

  • Top personal safety resources  

  • Exclusive bonuses


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